Wednesday, March 5

This was the best walk of the year to date.

After two big dogs with big dog issues ... I was freaked out when Bo Belly turned up with a limp at dog park.

It had rained hard in the previous couple of days and it was really good to get out. She had a roaring romp through the puddles with no sign of a limp.

When you dodge the bullet it feels better than when you don't.

This morning I spent some time with a lady contemplating whether or not to spend 7 or 9 days on the Amalfi coast of Italy... and why her Nannies don't traditionally choose to attend any of her parties as guests. This is the other side of the tracks ... and definitely where I come from.
Picture taken with JoJo and it was either hazier than I remember or the lens had sweat on it from a jog the day before.