Sunday, November 27

Tuesday, June 9

The Boy

Sharing the day

Sand and salt still in his eyes

Having a laugh 

That's surfin!!!

Friday, May 22

The boy

Peeking into the fairway

Rock Solid Skills

The light bulb going on that better hunting grounds are his for the taking just around the corner

I'm gonna miss him

Wednesday, April 29

The Girl.

Rockin it.


Full Day at the North shore.

Dusk coming on ... and she's charging.

Mermaid style spongebob swimsuit and all.

Waterman in the making.  (girls don't surf)

Sunday, March 29

The boy ... number 4 ... rounding 1st while the center fielder is still chasing his shot.

2nd grand slam of the day ... both in the park.

When he learned to play, and where he found the time... no clues.

Wednesday, March 25

This is my "Little" boy.

Turning the corner, promoting to black Yellow.  With style.

Gone Weapons.  

In a dark alley I want him with me.

Friday, March 20

The Boy;

Hard Day at the office

Sucking it up all day

When moment arrives

The warrior comes alive

Not a hesitation, not a worry.

Crushing it!!!