Friday, March 7

This isn't just a machine ... it's a historical land mark that can be purchased.

Some awesome stories told here. This tool is just a beast that hogs stuff out like you wouldn't believe. The cycle times normally run in the area of a 1/2 hour + there was ample opportunity to share the past with your buddies.

Klingerman always set the record for the most audacious, Nebraska born and bread, sporting a $400 Pontiac Grand AM sleeper car... it didn't look like all that much... and he always used to tell people how stock it was... but once you saw it go you realized he might be more than just drinking while he was in his garage.

We still used his standard phrase ... "Hey Kid" ... with the attitude that we got the cigarette hanging and are ready to hand you your butt ...

You just never really new where the "story" stopped, and the truth began, but that's the fun of legend. There was enough support evidence that you just never really knew.

Cincinnati Milacron CIM-XCHANGER 720
NC Machining Center (Retrofitted with JW research PCNC)
Rugged old "AMERICAN" iron
Gently used (since the 70's)

Picture was taken with wireless flash bouncing off the ceiling of the shop.