Thursday, February 28

Here is the question for the day.

What two things do I have in common with George Harrison of the beatles?

On the drive home from the beach there was a goofy story about his birthday being on the 24th or the 25th.

The story goes that on his birth certificate the date was early in the morning of the 25th. Years later he took to saying that because it was war time, and they adjusted the time ahead (kind of like daylight savings time) to accommodate lights out for air raid safety, the 25th was not technically correct. The idea was if the time had been traditional he would have been born on the 24th. This made a difference to him and his wife cuz they were into astrology.

His wife is telling this story and mentions she would say to George on the 24th ... happy birthday and get the it's not my birthday response ... then on the 25th she'd say happy birthday and he'd reply he couldn't believe that she'd missed it.

So in answer to the question. We both fell for girls on the same street, and we both have a streak for being smart alecks.