Tuesday, January 22

How has David Hobby figured it out, why does it matter, and why "this" picture.

In my opinion books, magazines and newspapers are not even close to the best way to get information. In my quest to find out how to take photographs of small machined parts I ran across David Hobby's Strobist site. His work is a wonderful display of the most specific Niche information you'll ever find.

In it he shares decades worth of obsession and experience with lighting. That is cool. But the really interesting thing to me is that He's getting huge numbers of eyeballs looking at his site. Which he has figured out is marketable to advertisers. The guys he recommends equipment from, sell out the moment it goes up on his site.

To this picture. This is the set-up I came up with playing around with my new flashes / umbrellas etc. It's all strobist inspired and the results pleased me. Thanks David Hobby.